2015 GKA Taikai Results

Friday, 17 July 2015 10:44

Thank you for participating and volunteering at the GKA Taikai. It was a big success! The success was measured by having many people telling us how much fun they had attending the taikai and the seminar.

Here are the official results from the tournament:
Youth A:
1st Place: GKA Joshua Chang
2nd Place: AKK Victor Lim
3rd Place: NKC Julia Mangrum
3rd Place: GKA Jinhee Lee
Kantosho: GKA Jinhee Lee

Youth B:
1st Place: GKA Musashi Clark
2nd Place: NKC Gillian Castro
3rd Place: GKA Sung Yoo
3rd Place: NKC Kendal Mangrum
Kantosho: Columbia-Koji Ishimori

Youth C:
1st Place: TKC James Ro
2nd Place: GKA Shojumaru Clark
3rd Place: Shudokan-Woohyeong Cho
3rd Place: MKC Shinn Taniguchi
Kantosho: Columbia Koji Ishimori

1st Place: GKA Aya Sato
2nd Place: GKA Diana Kitthajaroenchai
3rd Place: AKK Reiko Dezouza
3rd Place: GKA Chiaki Tamura
Kantosho: Shudokan Jeane Marie Tchomak

1st Place: GKA Gregory Lewis
2nd Place: Columbia Koji Ishimori
3rd Place: NKC Jakob Bailey
3rd Place: AKK Frank Campodonico
Kantosho: Columbia Davis Tyler

1-2 Dan:
1st Place: GKA Pop Kitthajaroenchai
2nd Place: TKC James Ro
3rd Place: AKK August Koh
3rd Place: Memphis Shinn Taniguchi
Kantosho: Purdue Rebekah McCarty

3+ Dan:
1st Place: TKI James Kim
2nd Place: GKA Yong Kyu Choi
3rd Place: GKA Eu Rae Ro
3rd Place: GKA Changsuk Oh
Kantosho: UTKC Shigetoshi Eda

Youth Team:
1st Place: Tampa, Memphis, Koryo
2nd Place: GKA-A
3rd Place: Shudokan
3rd Place: Columbia

Adult Team:
1st Place: Miami Valley
2nd Place: Triangle
3rd Place: GKA-A
3rd Place: NKC-A
Kantosho: UTKC

Thank you so much and see you again next year!